Unclaimed Funds

In bankruptcy cases that have assets, the trustee pays out money collected from liquidating those assets to creditors who have filed claims in a particular case. Sometimes, the money paid out by a trustee, always issued as a check, is returned by the post office as undeliverable or the check is not cashed within 90 days. By law, in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 cases, the trustee is required to deposit those funds to the court as unclaimed. Also, in some cases the trustee pays monies as unclaimed funds to the court where the funds are due the debtor, such as in a dismissed case. In either example, the claimant (i.e. creditor) or debtor did not receive the check and it was returned to the trustee as undeliverable typically because the creditor or debtor moved and did not report their change of address to the court and the trustee. Unclaimed funds remain deposited with the Court until the person/entity entitled to those funds files a "Petition for Unclaimed Funds" with the Court. If the Court grants an order to pay the unclaimed funds, a US Treasury check for the amount owed is issued back to entitled person/entity.
Application for payment of unclaimed funds       Search the court's unclaimed funds registry

For further information about unclaimed funds and to obtain further assistance in recovering such funds to which you may be entitled, please contact: Nadine Petrina at 717-901-2825 or toll free at 1-888-531-9485 ext. 2825
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There is no charge for this service and, after our verification of your right to unclaimed funds in your name, you will be paid the entire amount that appears in the unclaimed funds record (or the amount minus the fee you agreed to pay to an unclaimed funds locator).