Restriction of Public Access in PACER to Documents in Cases Filed Prior to December 1, 2003

On September 14, 2010, the Judicial Conference amended the Privacy Policy of Social Security Numbers to restrict access through PACER to all documents filed in any case that was 1) opened prior to December 1, 2003 and 2) closed for at least one year.

In order to comply with this policy, which prohibits the disclosure of an individual’s full social security number; restrictions are now automatically placed on all documents, including claims.

Although the docket report in PACER can still be viewed, document access is limited and anyone who is not a case participant or using the public terminal at the Courthouse will receive the message: “The document is not available.”

Copies of the restricted documents are available at the Clerk's Office and may be printed from the public terminal, except those under seal. Copy fees apply.

Please contact the Clerk’s Office for information about obtaining copies by mail. Email/Fax copies will not be sent.

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