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  • PAMB_CMECF_Event_Help [at] (subject: CM%2FECF%20Event%20Help) (Help with CM/ECF Events) -- When docketing a pleading, if you cannot find an appropriate event, if events available do not describe your pleading or relief you are seeking, or if an event needs more functionality for you to e-file a document, please click PAMB_CMECF_Event_Help [at] (subject: CM%2FECF%20Event%20Help, body: The%20case%20number%20associated%20with%20this%20message%20is%3A%20%20) (here) to send an e-mail describing your problem to the CM/ECF Event Help mailbox.  Please provide case specific information, including the case number, and attach your document.  Someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

    Please Note:  Requests for new events or modifications to existing events will not occur immediately or may not be possible.  A member of the clerk's office staff may contact you to discuss the specifics of your request.
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