Local Rules and Orders

Local Rules
The Court's Local Rules are available in two formats.  They are effective January 1, 2005 and were modified on September 1, 2014. 

Changes effective 07/01/2015
-- Local Rules (Redlined Version of 2014 Rules with 07-01-2015 Changes)
-- Local Forms (Redlined Version of 2014 Forms with 07-01-2015 Changes)
-- Local Rule 3007-1 (Redlined Version of 2014 Rule with 07-01-2015 Changes)
-- Local Form 3007-1 (Redlined Version of 2014 Form with 07-01-2015 Changes)
Changes effective 09/01/2014
-- Response of the Court to Major Substantive Comments Regarding the 2014 Proposed Local Rules and Forms
-- Local Rules (Redlined Version of 2013 Rules with 09-01-2014 Changes)  Technical Amendment made 09-22-14 to LBR 2016-2(b) and (e)
-- Local Forms (Redlined Version of 2013 Forms with 09-01-2014 Changes)

Comments to the Court's Local Rules may be submitted at any time by clicking here:  Local Rules Comment

General Orders