Electronic Filing - Registration

The Case Management/Electronic Filing ("CM/ECF") system requires a login and password from this Court. Two types of logins are available, attorneys and limited users, which allows the user the ability to electronically file documents. Please note that the process of receiving a login for an Attorney may take five (5) business days and a Limited User may take up to fourteen (14) days. If you have an emergency filing, you can file it in paper format with the Clerk's office in either Harrisburg or Wilkes-Barre. The Registration form no longer needs to be mailed to our office, you will upload the completed registration form as instructed.

Limited User Access
Limited User access is available for creditors and law firms, auditors, transcription companies and personal financial management providers. A limited user CANNOT file motions, answers, objections, etc and can only file the entries listed here.

Attorney Access
Full access to all CM/ECF functions and features including filing motions, answers, objections, etc.