Maintain Your ECF Account

Now that the court has upgraded to NextGen ECF, all account maintenance (name, mailing address and E-mail address*, phone number, etc. are maintained with PACER. Login to the PACER website and make the needed updates. Be sure to apply the update to all cases for this court and other courts where you practice.
*Note - Your primary email address is maintained with PACER.  If you have a secondary email, you must update it while you are on the court's ECF page:
  1. Click on UTILITIES on the CM/ECF Main Menubar, select Maintain Your ECF Account.
  2. Your user account screen will appear displaying your current account information.
  3. Click on [Email information...]  and update your secondary email address(es).  Note the other fields are greyed out and can't be modified.  Click on [Return to Account screen] and then [Submit] to save the changes.  Be sure to update all cases.