Filing Agent Access

Rev. 12/2019


CM/ECF provides the capability for attorneys to create Filing Agents.  Filing Agents can be created if an attorney has more than one paralegal/secretary who needs to file on their behalf.  By creating Filing Agents, more than one agent, at a time, can file documents on behalf of the attorney. 


  1. The filing agent must first register for an upgraded PACER account at the PACER website. The should register as a non-attorney filer.  After the registration is complete, PACER will send a notice to the court.  The court then need to activate the filing agent's account.  It may take one business day to complete the approval.  After the filing agent is notified, you can proceed with the steps below.
  2. Next, login to ECF with your attorney credentials. 
  3. Click on Utilities on the CM/ECF Menu Bar.
  4. Click on Maintain Your ECF Account
  5. At the bottom of the screen, click on More User Information.
  6. In the search box, enter the last name of the Filing Agent and click on the magnifying glass to do a search.  A pop-up box will display.  Choose the correct person listed here
  7. A message from webpage will display, indicating that the Filing Agent has been added to your account after you submit your changes.


Follow Steps 3-5 above.  A screen will display with the agent's name, address, phone number.  Uncheck the box to remove the Filing Agent association.


If a Filing Agent files on behalf of several attorneys, the agent will receive a drop-down box to select the person they are filing on behalf of.  Once a filing agent logs into CM/ECF they will have the capability to switch between the attorneys they are associated with by clicking on the icon next to their name on the top left side of the screen.