E-Mail problems, Pop-up Blocker and Spam Filters

When using software or email settings that reduce spam, make sure you have the ability to monitor what your software considers spam, and be able to make adjustments so that email from our ECF system is not considered spam. Sometimes the software which used to reduce spam looks at the sender address. If your software looks at the sender address, tell your software that:

is not spam.

Other times you will be able to look at the email in a "Junk folder" or "Spam Folder". In newer versions of Microsoft Outlook, there is a "Junk e-mail" folder. You can look at the email in that folder, right click on the email, and tell Microsoft Outlook to "add this sender to my safe senders list".

Some spam control is done through your email supplier. One of the most popular controls of spam is "Greylisting / Anti-Spam". There are almost always ways to tell the software what is valid spam and what is not.

Since ECF relies heavily on email notification, try to be aware of how your email software works so that you will get timely notice.