Website Changes: Filing Instructions and Local Rules (09/01/2015)

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

On 09/01/15 the Court posted a revised filing instruction and modified local rules.

Changes posted Tuesday, September 1, 2015:

  • Filing Instructions:  The Court has revised the following filing instruction to reflect it can be filed by the debtor or a creditor.  Filing instructions can be found on our website by clicking the "Filing Instructions" button in the center of the Home page.  They are also available here

1.     Motions and Applications. . . --> Mortgage Modifications (Motion or Stipulation)

  • Local Rules:
    • Local Rule 2016-2
    • Local Rules as one PDF
    • Redlined Local Rules
    • Redlined Local Rule 2016-2

As the court continues to review its current procedures and ECF events, e-filers are encouraged to visit the court’s website ( to stay informed of the changes. Should you have any questions regarding any of the new procedures or new functionality in CM/ECF you can contact us by e-mail at pambecf_helpdesk [at] (subject: New%20Procedures%20or%20New%20Functionality%20in%20CM%2FECF) or by telephone at 717-901-2812 (Harrisburg) or 570-831-2530 (Wilkes-Barre).