Procedures and Website Changes 11/25/2014 (Revised 12/03/2014)

Thursday, December 4, 2014

On 12/03/14 the names of the 3 filing instructions posted on 11/25/14 were renamed to include "in Adversary Proceedings". 

Revised procedures posted Tuesday, November 25, 2014 and Renamed Wednesday, December 3, 2014:

  • Filing Instructions:  The Court has posted the following new and/or revised filing instructions.  Filing instructions can be found on our website by clicking the "Filing Instructions" button in the center of the Home page.  They are also available here.  Filing instructions pertaining to motions and applications are located on the "Motions and Applications..." link on the "Filing Instructions" page.  They are also available here.

1.     Default in Adversary Proceedings...
2.     Request for Entry of Default in Adversary Proceedings
3.     Motion for Default Judgment in Adversary Proceedings

  • Guide to Docket Events and Noticing Procedures:  The Court has also posted a revised guide that can be used as a quick desk reference for filing pleadings.  This can be found on our website by clicking the "Guide to Docketing & Noticing" button in the center of our Home page.  It is also available here.
  • NEW Local Recommended Form:  The Court has added the following new local form to the Local Recommended Forms page which is located here.

    1.     Affidavit of Military/Nonmilitary Service

As the court continues to review its current procedures and ECF events, e-filers are encouraged to visit the court’s website ( to stay informed of the changes. Should you have any questions regarding any of the new procedures or new functionality in CM/ECF you can contact us by e-mail at pambecf_helpdesk [at] (subject: New%20Procedures%20or%20New%20Functionality%20in%20CM%2FECF) or by telephone at 717-901-2812 (Harrisburg) or 570-831-2530 (Wilkes-Barre).