Change in Use of Forms B6I (Schedule I: Your Income) and B6J (Schedule J: Your Expenses) (Effective 12/01/2013)

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A new miscellaneous event titled Schedule I and/or J Supplement (Ch 13 post petition income and/or expenses) has been added to CM/ECF to accommodate revisions to Schedule I and Schedule J which are effective December 1, 2013. 

Briefly, both Schedule I and J have new checkboxes to be used by chapter 13 debtors.  When they are "supplementing" the previously filed Schedule I to disclose post petition income changes and likewise when "supplementing" the previously filed Schedule J to disclose any new post petition expenses.  In the past, such revisions would have been filed as amendments to these schedules.

The available checkboxes are intended to distinguish between new information that supplements the previously filed Schedule I or J, while a filed amendment to these schedules, may correct or otherwise modify information that was previously disclosed on the originally filed schedule.

Also, a joint debtor (applies in all chapters) is required to file a separate Schedule J with the petition or within the 14 day filing deadline thereafter, when the joint debtor maintains a separate household from the debtor.

For more detailed background concerning this change, please refer to the Committee Notes for these forms available on the US Court's website at: