Reports Menu - Claims Register

Rev. 09/30/14

STEP 1   Click on Reports on the CM/ECF Main Menu or place the mouse on Reports on the CM/ECF Menu Bar to receive the cascading menu options.

STEP 2   The Reports Screen will then be displayed
                Select Claims Register

STEP 3   The Claims Register Information Screen displays

     Claims Register Information can be requested and limited by:
      Case Number (required field),
      Creditor Type,
      Creditor Number,
      Creditor Name,
      Claim number or number range,
      Filed or Entered Date or Date Range

     To View all claims activity for a case, enter only the case number

     Claims can be sorted by
          Claim Number
          Filed Date

     After entering or selecting the required criteria, Click [Run Report] to generate the Claims Register Report

STEP 4   The Claims Register Screen is displayed

The Case Number and title provide a hyperlink to the docket sheet

The Claim Number is a hyperlink to the PDF file of the claim and any supporting attachments

The Claim History is a record of all the activity associated with the claim

This report reflects the current claim situation in the system.  Internet PACER users have access to each case's Claims Register.  At the end of the report is a Claims Register Summary,  which shows the total amounts of the claims and a PACER Transaction Receipt which indicates all billable charges.