Reports Menu - Docket Report

Rev. 05/06/19


Internet users will access ECF through PACER and will use two different sets of logins and passwords; one for /ECF filing and the other for PACER access to queries and reports. 

The internet user has accessed the court’s web site with their court assigned ECF login and password.


  1. After you have logged into CM/ECF, click on REPORTS on the CM/ECF Menu Bar or place the mouse on Reports on the CM/ECF Menu Bar to receive the cascading menu selections.
  2. Select Docket Report, Click [Next]

    Enter the Case Number, Click on Find The Case or Click [Run Report] 
  3. The PACER LOGIN SCREEN displays.
    Note:  Access to any CM/ECF queries or reports by non-court users must be through the Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER) program. If you have not done so already, you must register with the PACER Service Center to be given a login and password.
  4. Enter your PACER Login and Password. (These fields are case sensitive)
    Enter the Client Code (optional). This optional field is used for billing by PACER users. The data will be included in PACER billing reports.
    NOTE:  If you click in the Make this my default PACER login box, your login will automatically appear each time you attempt to access PACER. If you click on the [Reset] button, all entries will be cleared.
    Click on the [Login] button.
  5. The DOCKET SHEET SCREEN displays.

    The following fields are available for selecting/entering criteria for generating the Docket Report:

    Case Number – The number of the last case you accessed during the current CM/ECF session appears automatically. Type another case number if you want to view the docket report for a different case. This is a required field.

    Entered/Filed – To limit which entries are shown by date, select either “Entered” (when the entry was recorded by the court in CM/ECF) or “Filed” (when the document was filed).
    Enter the start and stop date in the format mm/dd/yy or mm/dd/yyyy.
    You can enter a start date with no end date, which will include all entries from the date specified onward, or you can enter an end date with no start date, which will include all entries up to the specified date. If no dates are entered, all entries will be selected.

    DOCUMENTS – To limit entries by document number, enter the beginning and ending numbers. This feature enables users to be charged only for the desired data on large cases.

    INCLUDE TERMINATED PARTIES – A check mark in this box will include any parties that have been terminated from the case. Uncheck the box to show only current parties in the case.

    DOCUMENT OPTIONS - Include Headers when displaying PDF documents, View multiple documents Create Appendix

    SORT BY – This selection allows you to sort the entries in the report by:    Oldest date first,  Most recent date first, Document number ascending, Document number descending.
    These selections can affect the number of pages displayed and PACER charges and may be changed if you are interested only in the most current activity.  The [Clear] button will reset all fields to their default values.
    After choosing your criteria, click on the [Run Report] button.
  6. The DOCKET REPORT displays.

    NOTE:  Any “Case Flags” pertaining to the status of the case will be displayed at the top-right corner of the report. This particular case has flags indicating that creditors have been added to this case, 341 Held, Motion to Dismiss, pending.

A Transaction Receipt will be displayed at the end of the docket report indicating the number of billable pages for the report.