Claims - Claims Upload

Rev. 04/29/19
This menu option is available on the Bankruptcy Events screen to Limited User Filers. It allows filers to add and amend claims through the uploading of a file and to also add the creditor who is filing the claim to the case. This feature can be used to file claims in batches ranging from 1 to 25 and receive electronic notice of electronic filing (NEF) for successful transactions and error messages for transactions that fail. This process uses a "zipped" (compressed) file that incorporates both claims/creditor data (in XML format) and the associated PDF files of the proofs of claim and supporting documentation.

Technical details for creditors interested in using this feature are available on PACER's CM/ECF Developer Resources page in the document titled "Electronic Filing of Bankruptcy Claims Process Document".

CM/ECF Filing Instructions:

  1. Once you have prepared the compressed (.zip) file that contains 1 to 25 claim transactions XML data files and PDF files of the claims and supporting documentation, log into CM/ECF and select Claims Upload from the Bankruptcy screen.
  2. Upload the batch by browsing for the name and location of the compressed file (.zip).  Click Next.
  3. A pre-process validation of the XML and PDF files will take place on the Court’s CM/ECF server.  This process checks for valid PDF files and maximum file sizes.  It also checks the XML file for correct tags and usage, as well as correct case number, office, district, case type and user identification.  A message indicating whether the submitted files passed or failed the validation check will be displayed.  Notice of transactions failing pre-processing will be sent to the filer.  Click Submit.
  4. Automatic docketing (ADI) of the claim information on the Court's CM/ECF server will take place using the PDF claim form attached to the XML data file.  A confirmation report listing the case number, claim number, date filed, creditor id, action (success/fail), dollar amount and XML file name will be displayed.   NOTE:  Filers may also access Utilities > Claims Upload Log to obtain a list of transactions for a specific time period.