Claims - Amended Proofs of Claim

Rev. 04/29/19



A proof of claim is a written statement setting forth a creditor’s claim.  A proof of claim shall conform substantially to the appropriate Official Form B10.  The proof of claim shall be executed by the creditor or the creditors authorized agent.

Codes, Rules and Forms:


Bankruptcy Code:


Bankruptcy Rule:

3001 thru 3005

Local Rule:

3001-1 thru 3005-1

Official Form:

B 10

CM/ECF Event(s):

            File Claims


  1. At the “Select a Creditor for Claim” screen, select the name and address of the creditor whose claim you are amending.  If you are amending an administrative claim, you will need to change the "Type of creditor" to Administrative.
  2. The “Proof of Claim” screen will appear, at the “Amends Claim #” field box click the Find button.
  3. Select the Creditor name and number you are amending.  The claim number will display in the “Amends Claim #” box.
  4. Make the appropriate changes and continue filing your claim until you receive the Notice of Electronic Claims filing screen.


Filing an Amended Proof of Claim using ePOC