Mandatory Creditor List/Matrix

List of Creditors/Matrix

The debtor must file with the petition an accurate mailing list (sometimes called a matrix) of the names and addresses of all creditors. This is required by Local Rule 1007-2. This list is used to mail notices to creditors, so it is very important to take care in entering creditor names and addresses correctly. If the debtor does not provide such a list, the case may be dismissed without a bankruptcy discharge.  See Local Rule 1007-2(a).

After you submitted your Bankruptcy petition, you are able to upload a list of creditors for your case by clicking here.  Alternatively, you can follow the directions below and mail the list or bring it to the court during business hours.

How to Prepare a List of Creditors:

Note: If you have more than one address for a creditor, list all addresses.

1.            Creditors must be listed in a single column containing as many pages as are required to list all creditors. See below for an example.
2.            The margins at the top and bottom of the page must be at least one inch.
3.            Page numbers or page headings must not be included in the list.
4.            The list shall be produced with a quality computer printer or typewriter. Standard type shall be used.
5.            The name and address of each creditor must not exceed five (5) lines and each creditor's name and address must be separated by at least one blank line.
6.            Names and addresses must be aligned left (flush against the left margin, no leading blank spaces.)
7.            Each line may contain no more than 40 characters.
8.            Use the second line for c/o (care of) or “Attention [insert name or department]”.
9.            If you have a physical address and post office box information, list both the P.O. Box information and the physical address.
10.         City and state abbreviation and ZIP code must be on the last line. (If the address only needs to use four lines the city and state are on the fourth line.)
11.         All states must be the standard two-letter abbreviations.
12.         Nine-digit ZIP codes used must contain a hyphen separating the two sets of digits (e.g., 12345-6789).
13.         DO NOT USE SPECIAL CHARACTERS SUCH AS %, ( ), or [ ]. These characters will interfere with software used by the Bankruptcy Noticing Center. 

Examples are as follows:

ABC Corp.
123 Main Street
Any town, PA 17000

Dr. O. W. Holmes, Jr.
Medical Affiliates and Diagnostics
321 First Avenue, Suite 50
Nice town, PA 18000

Address line 2
Address line 3 - if needed
Address line 4 - if needed
City, St Zip