Withdrawal of the Reference

Rev. 06/28/17



The authority of the bankruptcy court to rule on all bankruptcy cases and proceedings (motions and adversary proceedings) is allowed by what is called the "automatic" referral of all such bankruptcy matters from the district court under 28 U.S.C. §157. This is accomplished by a general district court order directing automatic reference permitting all bankruptcy matters to be filed with the bankruptcy court. (See district court Standing Order 00-3) A motion to withdraw the reference of a case or proceeding, if granted by the district court, would remove this reference in the particular matter described within the withdrawal motion.

This filing should be accompanied by the Motion/Pleading, Notice of Motion, Certificate of Service (evidencing service of the Motion/Pleading and Notice of Motion), and Proposed Order.

Codes, Rules and Forms:
Bankruptcy Code:
Bankruptcy Rule:
Local Rule:
Local Form:

CM/ECF Event(s):

Motions/Applications, Withdrawal of the Reference



A.Type:                    Passive – 14 day language

B.Who Serves:        Movant

C.Service:               D, DA, T and/or UST, L20, COMM, P