Trustee - Final Report and Discharge (Ch. 12)

Rev. 04/05/17



A trustee is appointed in every Chapter 12 case.  The trustee will supervise the debtor's affairs and make all disbursements to creditors, unless otherwise provided in the plan or in the order of confirmation.  The trustee is required to make a final report and file a final account of the administration of the estate with the court and with the U.S. Trustee.  The discharge under Chapter 12 is to be granted as soon as practicable after completion by the debtor of all payments under the plan, other than payments to holders of certain allowed claims.  The Chapter 12 discharge is not entered until after the debtor required to make payment of domestic support obligations certifies that all post-petition domestic support obligations, as well as those domestic support obligations due prepetition for which payment was due under the plan, have been made.   The trustee's services are terminated after the debtor is granted a discharge.

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CM/ECF Event(s):
        Trustee -- Ch. 12 Cases, Final Report and Account (Ch. 12)
        Trustee – Ch. 12 Cases, Discharge Ineligibility