Rule 6007-1 Abandonment or Disposition of Property.

(a)     Proposed Abandonment.  A trustee or debtor in possession may abandon property by filing a notice and proposed order with the clerk. The notice must contain sufficient information to allow parties in interest to make an informed decision regarding whether abandonment of a particular asset is in the best interest of the estate. The notice must provide that parties have fourteen (14) days to file objections to the proposed abandonment. A debtor in possession or chapter 11 trustee must serve notice of the proposed abandonment on parties in interest. The clerk will notice creditors and parties in interest of the proposed abandonment in chapter 7, 12, and 13 cases.

(b)     Objection to Abandonment.  An objection to a proposed abandonment of property of the estate must state specific grounds for the objection. No response is required to an objection.

(c)     Motion to Compel Abandonment.  A motion to compel abandonment must be served upon the parties against whom the relief is sought along with an order prepared by the clerk that fixes an answer date.

Part VI - Collection and Liquidation of the Estate