Rule 4001-2 Cash Collateral.

(a)     Order Establishing Response and Hearing Date.  When a motion for authorization to use cash collateral is filed, the clerk will provide the movant with an order containing an answer date and a hearing date. Unless service is made electronically through the ECF system, the movant must serve the order upon the persons specified under F.R.B.P. 4001 and L.B.R. 4001-5.

(b)     Required Disclosure of Certain Provisions of Financing Motion.  Each motion to use cash collateral must comply with L.B.R. 4001-3(c), (d) and (e), and interim and final relief must be granted, denied or conditioned as provided under L.B.R. 4001-3(f) and (g).

Part IV - The Debtor: Duties and Benefits