Rule 3017-1 Disclosure Statement - Approval.

(a) Notice and Hearing.  Upon receipt of a disclosure statement, the Court will issue an order and notice for hearing on the disclosure statement.  The plan proponent filing the disclosure statement must mail the order and notice to all parties listed in F.R.B.P. 3017(a).

(b) Amended Disclosure Statements.  With every amended disclosure statement, the plan proponent must file a Certification Regarding Amended Disclosure Statement (L.B.F. 3017-1).  The plan proponent must serve copies of the amended disclosure statement on parties in interest whose claims or interests may be affected by the changes and notify them of a new objection date as directed by the Court.

(c) Transmission of Approved Disclosure Statement and Order.  After entry of an order approving the disclosure statement, the plan proponent must mail the order, the plan or a Court-approved summary of the plan, the disclosure statement, and a ballot for accepting or rejecting the plan conforming to Class [ ] Ballot for Accepting or Rejecting Plan of Reorganization (Official Form 314) to all creditors and interest holders.  The ballot must state that ballots are to be returned to the plan proponent and not to the clerk.

Part III - Claims and Distribution to Creditors and Equity Interest Holders; Plans