Plan - Chapter 12

Rev. 05/02/19



A debtor may file a chapter 12 plan with the petition.  If the plan is not filed with the petition, it shall be filed not later than 90 days after the order for relief.  The court may extend this period if the need for an extension is attributable to circumstances for which the debtor should not justly be held accountable.   Except for cause, the confirmation hearing shall be concluded not later than 45 days after the filing of the plan.       

Codes, Rules and Forms:

Bankruptcy Code:

1221; 1222; 1224

Bankruptcy Rule:

2002(b); 3015

Local Rule:


Local  Form:



CM/ECF Event(s):

            Plan, Plan (Ch. 12)

I.  Noticing:

          A.   Type:                    Semi-passive – 21 day language

          B.   Who Serves:         Clerk  

          C.   Service:                Matrix