Plan - Amended Chapter 13 Plan -- Pre-Confirmation


(Modification of Plan before Confirmation)


Once a plan has been filed, any changes proposed by the debtor must be made by filing an amended plan and not by filing a stipulation between the affected parties. If an amended plan is filed after noticing of the confirmation hearing but prior to confirmation of the plan, the debtor will provide a copy of the amended plan to each party on the mailing matrix. Unless service is made electronically through the CM/ECF system, the debtor shall mail a copy of the amended plan to each creditor and party in interest. The Clerk will issue and send to the parties a notice setting confirmation objection and hearing dates for the amended plan if a certificate of service has been filed. 

Codes, Rules and Forms:
Bankruptcy Code: 1323
Bankruptcy Rule: 2002(b) & 3015
Local Rule: None
Local Form: None

CM/ECF Event(s):
        Plan, Amended Chapter 13 Plan (Pre-Confirmation)

I.     Noticing:

       A.       Type:                Semi-Passive – 28 day language

       B.       Who Serves:    Movant will serve Amended Plan if filed after original noticing of the confirmation hearing – Court will serve Notice of Confirmation Hearing

       C.       Service:           Matrix