Mortgage Modification Mediation Program

Rev. 05/10/19



The Mortgage Modification Mediation Program (MMM Program) is available to any chapter 13 debtor seeking to modify a mortgage obligation with respect to his or her principal residence.  In order to qualify to participate in the MMM Program, the debtor must meet certain criteria as outlined in LBR 9019-3.   

The judges of this District have implemented a centralized review of mortgage modification mediation requests.  Judge Van Eck's chambers was designated with this responsibility.  All orders and communications will be handled by his chambers staff.

This filing should be accompanied by the Motion, Notice of Motion, and Proposed Order.  When required by Local Bankruptcy Rule 9013-3, a Certificate of Service must also be filed.

For order format, please see Proposed Orders.

Codes, Rules and Forms:

Bankruptcy Code:


Bankruptcy Rule:


Local Rule:


Local  Form:

9019-3(a); 9019-3(b); 9019-3(c)

CM/ECF Event(s):

Miscellaneous, Consent to Mediation
Miscellaneous, Report of Mediator

Miscellaneous, Status Report
Motions/Applications, Approve Final Mortgage Modification
Motions/Applications, Continuance of Mortgage Modification Mediation
Motions/Applications, Participate in Mortgage Modification Mediation Program (LBF 9019-3(a))

I. Noticing:

A. Type:                   Passive – 21 day language (Local Bankruptcy Form 9019-3(a))

B. Who Serves:       Debtor

C. Service:               P