Matrix - Printing a Mailing Matrix

Rev. 05/01/19

Following this procedure will ensure that any Preferred Address Registrations will be included in the mailing matrix generated.

  1. Click Utilities on the CM/ECF Menu Bar or place the mouse on Bankruptcy on the CM/ECF Menu Bar to receive the cascading menu selections.  
  2. Under Miscellaneous, select Mailings...
  3. Select the link Mailing Matrix by Case
  4. Enter the Bankruptcy Case Number 

                    The default should have a check mark in ALL. The matrix will appear next in a 3 column format. (This will line up with your mailing labels) 
  5. Select NEXT
  6. Print the mailing matrix onto the sheet of mailing labels. 


Once the mailing matrix is displayed on the screen, the browser BACK button will no longer be functional. You will need to log out of CM/ECF in order to reactivate the functionality of the BACK button.