Lien Avoidance

Rev. 07/13/15
A debtor may avoid a lien on property to the extent that the lien impairs an exemption to which the debtor would have been entitled. A lien shall be considered to impair an exemption to the extent that the sum of the lien, all other liens, and the amount of the exemption that the debtor could claim if there were no liens on the property, exceeds the value that the debtor's interest in the property would have in the absence of any liens.
This filing should be accompanied by the Motion/Pleading, Notice of Motion, Certificate of Service (evidencing service of Motion/Pleading and Notice of Motion) and Proposed Order.
For order format, please see Proposed Orders
Codes, Rules and Forms:
Bankruptcy Code:
Bankruptcy Rule:
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CM/ECF Event(s):
            Motions/Applications, Avoid Lien
I.     Noticing:

       A.       Type:                  Passive - 21 day language

       B.       Who Serves:      Movant

       C.       Service:             D, DA, T and/or UST, L20, COMM, P