Rev. 12/05/14
Application should be filed with a verified statement disinterestedness, proposed order, and certificate of service.  If an auctioneer is being employed a copy of the surety bond is needed.  If a realtor is being employed a copy of their contract is attached.  Per FRBP 6003 an order may not be entered in the first 21 days after the filing of the Petition unless there is a need to avoid immediate and irreparable harm.

This filing should be accompanied by the Motion, Certificate of Service and Proposed Order. 

If Application is a Nunc Pro Tunc, the filing should be accompanied by the Motion/Pleading,  Notice of Motion, Certificate of Service (evidencing service of the Motion/Pleading and Notice of Motion) and Proposed Order.  

For order format, please see Proposed Orders
Codes, Rules and Forms:
Bankruptcy Code:
Bankruptcy Rule:
Local Rule:
Local Form:

CM/ECF Event(s):
            Motions/Applications, Employ (do NOT use to Employ/Appoint an Examiner, Ombudsman,Trustee)
I.      Noticing: 

       A.       Type:                Passive - 14 day language if Application is filed as a Nunc Pro Tunc

       B.       Who Serves:     Movant -- if filed by Trustee or UST the Court will send the notice

       C.       Service:           D, DA, T and/or UST, L20, COMM, P