Electronic Document Submission System

EDSS is a service that may be used by self-represented parties who need to file documents with the court as an alternative to faxing, mailing, or bringing the documents to the courthouse.  

ECF users must file using CM/ECF and may only use EDSS in the event of a technical failure pursuant to Local Rules 5005-1(d), 5005-3 and 9001-1.

Filing with EDSS is governed by Local Rule 5005-1 and the EDSS Administrative Procedures

*NOTE: Only one file may be uploaded at a time (8 MB max). Click Browse, locate your file, then click Upload. If your file is larger than 8 MB, break it up into separate documents and repeat this process for each document. IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE A CONFIRMATION SCREEN AND EMAIL AFTER CLICKING SUBMIT, YOUR DOCUMENT HAS NOT BEEN FILED.
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