Accessing CM/ECF


In a web browser and navigate to the court's web site, , select E-Filing (CM/ECF) NOTE:  For quick access to this site in the future, set a bookmark or create a button on your navigation bar.

Internet users (attorneys, trustees and limited filers) will login with an upgraded PACER account.  Your Login and Password fields are case sensitive. The client code field is optional and is used for PACER users to associate this activity to specific customers.  You can maintain your filing and viewing priviledges and account settings by logging in to the PACER website.  All users are personally responsible for activity with their logins.

CM/ECF registered users can subscribe to electronic notification of any filing on any case within the district. These notices are received through the participants e-mail program. Notices can be monitored throughout the day or by requesting a daily summary of activity of all the cases they have signed up for. Every user can access a copy of the PDF document that has been filed once without charge. It is advisable to save or print this file. Subsequent requests through the document’s hyperlink will produce the standard PACER login screen and the user will be charged the appropriate amount per page.