Abandonment of Property

The Trustee may abandon any property of the estate that is burdensome to the estate or is of inconsequential value and benefit to the estate. A party in interest may file and serve a motion requiring the trustee or debtor in possession to abandon property of the estate (Fee Due).
The filing should be accompanied by the Motion, Notice of Motion, Certificate of Service and Proposed Order.
For order format, please see Proposed Orders
Codes, Rules and Forms:
Bankruptcy Code:
Bankruptcy Rule:
Local Rule:
Local Form:

CM/ECF Event(s):
            Trustee -- Ch. 7 Cases, Exhibit (to be used by the Trustee for the Notice to be served when a motion is not required)
Motions/Application/Contested Matters, Order Trustee to Abandon Property (Compel Abandonment)
I.     Noticing:

       A.       Type:              Passive - 14 day language
       B.       Who Serves:    Movant -- if filed by Trustee or UST the Court will send notice
       C.       Service:           Matrix