Rev. 05/06/19



          A plaintiff may withdraw an adversary complaint without an order if:

  • No answer is filed; or
  • An answer is filed and the plaintiff obtains consent or a signed stipulation has been filed.

    If an answer to a complaint has been filed and there is no consent/stipulation to the plaintiff’s withdrawal of the adversary proceeding, then an order is required.

    In all cases (regardless of whether an answer has been filed or there is consent/stipulation), if the request is to withdraw an Objection to Discharge, notice must be given and an order from the court is required.


Codes, Rules and Forms:

Bankruptcy Code:


Bankruptcy Rule:


Civil Procedure:


Local Rule:



CM/ECF Event(s):

            Miscellaneous, Withdrawal
            Motions/Applications, Withdraw
           Trustee -- Ch. 7 Cases, Withdrawal of No Asset Report (Trustees)
           Trustee -- Ch. 13 Cases, Withdrawal of Motion to Dismiss (Trustees)


I. Noticing:


  A.Type:                    Passive<– 14 day language

  B.Who Serves:        Movant

  C.Service:               Defendant, Defendant’s Counsel, T, UST, and P