341(a) Meeting of Creditors - Chapter 7

Rev. 04/25/19



Pursuant to Rules 2002 and 2003, §341 meetings will be set not less than 21 and not more than 40 days from the order for relief with at least 21 days’ notice of meeting date to all creditors.  Where, however, the place for the meeting is not regularly staffed by the United States trustee or an assistant, the meeting may be held within 60 days after the order from relief.  All chapter 7 cases are entered as non-asset so no claims bar date is fixed.

Presumption of Abuse language is included on the Chapter 7 §341 Meeting of Creditors notice.  The wording is determined based on the Means flag set at the time §341 Meeting of Creditors notice was created.

Codes, Rules and Forms:

Bankruptcy Code:


Bankruptcy Rule:

2002; 2003; 5008

Local Rule:


Official Form:

309A; 309B; 309C


Requests to reschedule a 341 Meeting of Creditors are handled by the assigned Trustee.  Please contact the assigned Trustee to request the 341 Meeting of Creditors be rescheduled.  The rescheduled docket event will identify who is to provide notice.  

March 2015 Reminder Notice regarding Noticing Requirements for Rescheduled and Continued §341(a) Meeting