Amendment to Local Rule 9070/Judges Encourage Use of Electronic Exhibits for Evidentiary Proceedings

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

In furtherance of the General Order 20-9, the Court’s Social Distancing Policy, and to reduce the exchange of paper and movement within the courtroom, the Judges are strongly encouraging parties to use electronic exhibits for all evidentiary proceedingsThe Court has issued General Order 20-9 amending Local Rule 9070-1(b), encouraging and facilitating the use of electronic exhibits for all evidentiary proceedings. The amended rule can be found here.

Cloud Evidence System

Parties can upload exhibits to the Court using the Cloud Evidence System (“CES”). Parties will receive an e-mail from the Courtroom Deputy providing them with a link to use to upload exhibits along with instructions on how to use the system.

Electronic Evidence Presentation System

Once exhibits are uploaded to CES, they are available to be displayed electronically on the Court’s Electronic Evidence Presentation System (“EEPS”).

Additional information is available here.    The instructions on using CES and EEPS can be found here.