Rule 9075-1 Emergency Orders.

(a)    General Procedure.  A party seeking emergency relief or an immediate hearing date must:

(1)        file a motion for expedited consideration that:

(i)         contains the phrase “Expedited Consideration” in the caption;

(ii)        attaches the underlying pleading for which emergency relief is sought as an exhibit;

(iii)       explains why expedited consideration is necessary;

(iv)       contains a certificate of service which, for each interested party that does not receive notice through the CM/ECF system, identifies the email address, facsimile number, or other form of notice where such interested party received a copy of the motion and exhibit; and

(v)        contains a proposed order granting the motion for expedited consideration and stating how service of the order and underlying pleading will be accomplished on interested parties that are not CM/ECF filers;

(2)        immediately after the motion for expedited consideration has been filed, provide email notification of the motion to the chambers of the assigned judge; and

(3)        if the Court grants the motion for expedited consideration, immediately file the underlying pleading with the hearing date included.

Part IX - General Provisions