Rule 9019-1 Settlements and Agreed Orders.

(a)     Settlement of Adversary Matters and Contested Matters.  In an adversary proceeding or contested matter, whenever the parties have reached a settlement, they must file a stipulation resolving the matter before the hearing date, submit a Request to Remove form (L.B.F. 9019-1), or announce the settlement at the hearing set on the matter. If a Request to Remove form is filed, within the time specified in the form, the moving party or plaintiff must file a stipulation or stipulated order and any requisite motion to compromise or settle. Failure to file a stipulation or stipulated order may result in the dismissal of the matter or proceeding. A motion to extend the time to comply with this rule or to re-list the matter for hearing may be filed within the period specified for filing a stipulation or stipulated order in the Request to Remove form, but the motion will be granted only upon cause shown.

(b)    Hearing.  When a matter has been settled and a stipulation has been filed or is expected to be filed within a period not to exceed sixty (60) days, the hearing before the court may be stricken by filing a Request to Remove form (L.B.F. 9019-1). A Request to Remove form must be filed with the court no later than twenty-four (24) hours before the hearing.

Part IX - General Provisions