Rule 9013-2 Contents and Length of Legal Briefs

(a) Except as otherwise provided below, no brief filed in any matter in this Court (including adversary or contested matters) shall exceed fifteen (15) pages in length.  

(b) A brief may exceed fifteen (15) pages provided it does not exceed 5,000 words. If a brief is filed in accordance with this subsection, counsel, or an unrepresented party, must include a certificate (subject to Fed. R. Bankr. P. 9011) that the brief complies with the word‐count limit described in this subsection. The person preparing the certificate may rely on the word count feature of the word‐ processing system used to prepare the brief. The certificate must state the actual number of words in the brief.

(c) No brief exceeding the limits described in this rule may be filed without prior authorization from the Court. Any motion seeking such authorization shall specify the length of the brief requested and shall be filed at least two (2) working days before the brief is due.  

(d) Briefs shall contain complete citations of all authorities relied upon, including whenever practicable, citations both to official and unofficial reports. A copy of any unpublished opinion that is cited must accompany the brief as an attachment.  The brief of each party, if more than fifteen (15) pages in length, shall contain a table of contents, with page references, and table of citations of the cases, statutes and other authorities referred to therein, with references to the pages at which they are cited. A brief may address only one motion, except in the case of cross motions for summary judgment

Part IX - General Provisions