Rule 9010-1 Attorneys - Notice of Appearance.

(a)     General Appearance.  An attorney who files with the clerk any application, motion, stipulation, or other document, other than as set forth in subdivision (b), is deemed to have entered an appearance for the party on whose behalf the document is filed.

(b)     Limited Appearance.  An attorney filing a proof of claim or interest is deemed to have entered an appearance only for the purpose of any objection that may be filed to that claim.

(c)     Change of Address.  When attorneys or parties representing themselves change their e-mail or physical addresses, they are required to provide notification as follows:

          (1)     CM/ECF filers must immediately update their addresses in the ECF system. If an address change is in a specific case, electronic filers must docket a Change of Address in each case in which the change should appear to enable the clerk to update the information.

          (2)     All other filers must notify the clerk in writing of their new address so that the clerk may enter it in the ECF system. If an attorney has entered an appearance in more than one case, he also must file with the clerk a listing of all such cases so the new address may be entered by the clerk on the docket of each case.

(d)     Withdrawal of Appearance.  The debtor’s attorney or an attorney in a pending adversary or contested matter may not withdraw his or her appearance except upon motion, after hearing and by order of the court, unless another attorney eligible to appear before the court enters his or her appearance simultaneously with the request for withdrawal of appearance. If the firm has not entered an appearance in a case, it must enter an appearance in the cases it is retaining. An attorney may not submit a change of address as a substitute for filing a motion to withdraw.

(e)     Notice to Parties.  Unless service is made electronically through the ECF system, an attorney who files a request to note change of address must mail a copy of same to any attorney who has entered an appearance in an adversary proceeding or contested matter that is pending at the time the request is filed.

Part IX - General Provisions