Rule 4008-1 Reaffirmation.

(a)     General Procedure.  A reaffirmation agreement must conform substantially with L.B.F. 4008-1(a). A reaffirmation agreement must be accompanied by the Cover Sheet for Reaffirmation Agreement (Official Form 427). If the presumption arises that the reaffirmation agreement will impose an undue hardship on the debtor, and if the presumption is not rebutted to the satisfaction of the court by a statement on the reaffirmation agreement that identifies additional sources of funds to make the agreed payments, the court will set the matter for hearing.

(b)    Hearings.  Hearings will be held on all reaffirmation agreements filed by pro se debtors and debtors whose counsel has not signed the certification page of the agreement. Hearing will be held on any agreement which, in the judgment of the court, may impose an undue hardship on the debtor.

COMMENTS: L.B.R. Rule 4008-1 was amended effective December 1, 2009 to provide for the filing of a reaffirmation cover sheet in accordance with F.R.B.P. 4008 and to delete the former requirement for submission of a proposed order complying with L.B.F. 4008-1(b), which form was eliminated as part of the amendments.

Part IV - The Debtor: Duties and Benefits