Rule 3016-1 Disclosure Statement - General.

(a)     Contents.  Unless the court orders otherwise, any disclosure statement or amended disclosure statement must include the following information in addition to all other information required by applicable law:

          (1)     an introductory narrative summarizing the plan, which must include:

                    (A)     an identification of each class of claims or interests;

                    (B)     the composition of each class as to number and type of creditor or interest;

                    (C)     the amount of claims and interests (specifying any that are known to be disputed and how they will be treated under the plan);

                    (D)     the amount (dollar and/or percentages) to be paid to each class and the timing of payments to be made under the plan; and

                    (E)     all sources and amounts of funding in reasonable detail;

          (2)     a summary exhibit setting forth a liquidation analysis as if assets of the debtor were to be liquidated under chapter 7; and

          (3)     a narrative summarizing the scheduled assets and liabilities as of the date of the order for relief:

                    (A)     reciting the disposition of assets during the chapter 11 case;

                    (B)     describing the process for handling initial and subsequent disbursements under the plan; and

                    (C)     identifying persons responsible for making disbursements under the plan.

(b)     Disclosure Statement Accompanying Reorganization Plan.  Unless a liquidating plan is proposed, each disclosure statement must also include a projected cash flow and budget, including plan payments over the shorter of the life of the plan or three fiscal years following confirmation, showing all anticipated income and expenses.

Part III - Claims and Distribution to Creditors and Equity Interest Holders; Plans