Rule 2090-1 Attorneys - Admission to Practice.

(a)     General Admission.  Except as provided below, no attorney may appear on behalf of another unless first admitted to practice in the United States District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania.

(b)     Admission Pro Hac Vice.  An attorney who is admitted to practice before any United States district court and the highest court of any state or the District of Columbia and who is a member of the bar in good standing in every jurisdiction where admitted to practice, and who is not subject to pending disciplinary proceedings in any jurisdiction, may be admitted to practice before this court, but only for the purpose of a particular case and not generally under subdivision (a). A request for admission under this subdivision must be made by written motion of a member of the bar of this court or by the attorney intending to practice before this court. The court in its discretion may grant an oral motion for admission made in open court.

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