Rule 1009-1 Amendments to Voluntary Petitions, Lists, Schedules, and Statements.

(a)     Notice.  An amendment to a voluntary petition, schedule, or statement must be served on any official committee and any affected entity or creditor. The debtor must file a certification that service has been made on these parties.

(b)     Requirements.  An amendment must contain:

          (1)     the caption of the case;

          (2)     the case number; and

          (3)     a title including the word "AMENDED" or "AMENDMENT."

(c)     Form.  An amendment to a schedule or statement must be filed in a format similar to the original Official Form and include only the additions or deletions to the schedule or statement. The change must be prefaced by the statement: "ADD" or "DELETE." An entire set of statements and schedules should not be refiled.

(d)     Electronically Filed Amendments.  Debtor’s counsel must comply with the instructions found on the court’s website ( regarding uploading any new creditors into the ECF system.

Part I - Commencement of Case; Proceedings Relating to Petition and Order for Relief