Rule 1006-1 Fees - Installment Payments and Waiver.

(a)     Petitions. If a petition is filed without the required fee, without an application to pay in installments (Official Form B103A), and without a request for waiver (Official Form B103B),it is considered deficient and may be dismissed after a hearing on notice pursuant to F.R.B.P. 1017(b)(1).

(b)     Other Filings. The clerk must accept all pleadings for filing regardless of whether the fee required by the bankruptcy court fee schedule is paid. If the required fee is not paid at the time the pleading is filed, the clerk will notify the filing party that the party has seven (7) days to pay the fee or the pleading may be stricken by the court. Current information regarding fees and the number of copies required by the clerk may be found on the court’s website (


Part I - Commencement of Case; Proceedings Relating to Petition and Order for Relief