List of Creditors (Matrix) - Entering Creditors

Rev. 09/17/19



For non-attorneys, you can upload a list of creditors by clicking here.

When amending the List of Creditors or amending schedules D, E, F, only add the NEW creditors to the database. 

DO NOT use symbols, see the CM/ECF Formatting Procedures on how creditors should be entered into the database.  Creditors can also be added to the CM/ECF database by uploading them all at one time.  See the filing instructions on List of Creditors (Matrix) - Converting the List of Creditors to a Text (.txt) File.


I. Entering Creditors into CM/ECF manually:

A. Individually or Multiple creditors:

1. Go to Creditor Maintenance, Enter individual creditors.

2. Follow the screen instructions.

a) Account numbers should never be on the top or bottom lines.

b) If the creditor is outside the US, the country must be on the last line.

3. Pick the appropriate Creditor type.

4. Creditor committee is “No” except possibly in Chapter 11’s.

5. Verify the correct number of creditors submitted.


B. If the CM/ECF will not allow you to add creditors to the database:

1. The browser version you are using may not be compatible – see the CM/ECF FAQ list on how to process the creditors.