Creating a PDF Document - Using a Word Processor

REMINDER:  Make sure you flatten your PDF file before attaching/uploading it into CM/ECF.

Creating a PDF Document

Using a Word Processing program that PRINTS to PDF


The program we use for these instructions is WordPerfect 10.  Other Word processing programs may vary slightly but the general concept is the same.


  1. Create your document in a word processing program that PRINTS to PDF
    • Save Your Original document in the word processing format.  We recommend saving it in the original program format for editing and recovery purposes.
  2. PRINT the document into a PDF file.
    • With the word processing version of your document open on your screen:
      • Click FILE from the drop down menu
      • Select PRINT
      • Change Destination or Printer Name to Adobe PDF
      • Print range will normally be 'Full Document"
      • Click on the Properties tab (located to the right of where you selected Adobe PDF).  Change the Adobde PDF Settings, Default settings to "Smallest File Size".  Paper quality should be black and white.
        • Adobe 6.0 - on the print screen, select "Fit to Paper", "Documents and Comments", "Fit to Margins"
        • Adobe 7.0 - on the print screen, select "Fit to Paper", "Documents and Markups", "Fit to Margins"
      • Select Print.  A save file screen appears
        • in the Save In dialog box, locate the folder where you want to save the PDF version of this document.
        • at the File Name dialog box, type a nave for the PDF version of your document
      • Select Save

NOTE:  The location and file name you just entered in the previous step is the location from which you will attach the file when making your docket entry in CM/ECF.


Depending on how you Adobe/Word processing program reconfigured, Adobe may launch automically and show you the PDF you just created.  If it does not launch automatically, launch the Adobe Program and view the document to verify it is a valid file.


**** Important information on PDF file sizes ****


If the document saved under the word processing program is larger than 3MB (megabytes) in size, you will need to create multiple PDF files consisting of a couple of pages at a time in order to successfully upload them into the CM/ECF System.

EXAMPLE:  Your original word processing document is 5 MB after saving.  When you perform step 2 above, you will change the Print Range to Pages rather than Full Document and enter "1-?(maybe 20?)".  Then select PRINT.  After completing the saving steps, you will then go back to the original word processing document an repeat the steps selecting Print Range and selecting " 21-? (maybe 40?)".

Repeat these steps until every PDF file you create is no larger than 3MB (megabytes).  Each file should be saved with a name to indicate which is Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, etc.