Electronic Document Submission System

EDSS is a service that may be used by self-represented parties who need to file documents with the court as an alternative to faxing, mailing, or bringing the documents to the courthouse.  Documents will be processed by the next business day. Bankruptcy petitions may not receive a case number until the next business day. 

ECF users must file using CM/ECF and may only use EDSS in the event of a technical failure pursuant to Local Rules 5005-1(d), 5005-3 and 9001-1.

Filing with EDSS is governed by Local Rule 5005-1 and the EDSS Administrative Procedures

Do not use EDSS for your list of creditors (matrix).  Instead submit them here: https://www.pamb.uscourts.gov/Matrix/login

Only PDFs are allowed and pictures are not accepted unless you scan them to PDF (Apple devices  | Android devices).

*NOTE: Click Browse, locate your file, then click Upload. You are able to ADD UP TO 5 ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTS by clicking the MORE DOCUMENTS LINK below. Please submit all schedules as one pdf attachment. IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE A CONFIRMATION SCREEN AND EMAIL AFTER CLICKING SUBMIT, YOUR DOCUMENT HAS NOT BEEN SUBMITTED.
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: pdf.
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