Order Transcripts or Audio Files


If interested in ordering an official transcript, please contact the Electronic Court Recorder Operator (ECRO) 570-831-2509 or Courtroom Deputy (CRD) at 570-831-2542 (Wilkes-Barre hearings) or 717-901-2820 (Harrisburg hearings). For hearings before Judge Thomas in Williamsport all requests should be made to Linda S. Wettlaufer, RMR at 570-971-4405.


The ECRO will estimate the cost of the transcript and convey the estimated cost to the purchaser. If the purchaser wishes to order the transcript, a check or money order should be mailed directly to the designated transcription company. This information is available from the ECRO. The transcription company will docket the transcript on the case and forward a copy to the purchaser with a refund of any amount over the estimate, or an invoice for any balance due. All requests or questions should be directed to the ECRO. Fees vary depending on the turn around time required. The maximum rates are posted outside each of the courtrooms.



If interested in purchasing a CD of the audio files from a hearing, please contact the ECRO at the telephone numbers above. There is a $30.00 charge for this service. Checks/money orders must be made payable to “Clerk, U.S. Bankruptcy Court”. The ECRO will burn a CD and send it to the purchaser with instructions on how to download the “free” FTRgold software necessary to play the audio files.