US Trustee - Rejection of Trustee Appointment/Appointment of Successor Trustee

Rev. 09/30/14



Step 1     Click on Bankruptcy on the CM/ECF Menu Bar or place the mouse on Bankruptcy on the CM/ECF Menu Bar to receive the cascading menu selections

Step 2     The Bankruptcy Events Screen displays, Click on US Trustee

Step 3     The Case Number screen displays, enter the correct case number, including the hyphen YY-NNNNN, Click on Find This Case or Click [Next]

Step 4     The Document Selection screen displays, Click to highlight Rejection of Trustee Appointment/Appointment of Successor Trustee, Click [Next]

                  Select the Trustee No Longer Associated with the case, Click [Next], Click on the down arrow click to highlight the New Trustee, Click [Next]

                  Select the Meeting Location for the New Trustee, click [Next]

                 Click [Next]

Step 5     The Final Docket Text screen displays

Step 6     The Notice of Electronic Filing screen displays