US Trustee - 341 Meeting Scheduled (Ch. 11)

Rev. 09/30/14



Step 1     Click on Bankruptcy on the CM/ECF Menu Bar or place the mouse on Bankruptcy on the CM/ECF Menu Bar to receive the cascading menu selections

Step 2     Select US Trustee

Step 3     US Trustee Action Screen displays, Enter the Case Number including the hyphen YY-NNNNN, Click on Find This Case or Click [Next]

Step 4     The US Trustee action screen displays.  Click in the drop down box or type in the blank box above the Available Events to find the appropriate event

                 Meeting of Creditors Scheduled (Ch. 11)(Cases filed BEFORE 10/17/2005)

                 Meeting of Creditors Scheduled (Ch. 11)(Cases filed AFTER 10/17/2005)

Step 5     The 341 Meeting Information for Ch. 11 cases displays.

                 Enter the correct date or click on Calendar,select the correct month, click on the date, enter the time, select AM or PM, select the correct location by clicking on the down arrow

                 The Objection to Dischargeability Deadline, date displays in the box, Click [Next]

                 Terminate Pending Events displays, Click [Next]

Step 6     The Trustee Action screen displays, Click [Next]

Step 7     The Final Docket Text screen displays

Step 8      The Notice of Electronic Filing screen displays