Trustee - Request 341 in Reconverted Case

Rev. 09/30/14



Step 1     Click on Bankruptcy on the CM/ECF Bankruptcy Menu Bar or place the mouse on Bankruptcy on the CM/ECF Menu Bar to receive the cascading menu selections 

Step 2     Select Multi-Case Docketing

Step 3      Enter the correct number/s (yy-nnnnn), Click on Find This Case or Click [Next]

Step 4     Click in the drop down box or type in the blank box above the Available Events to find Request to set 341 Meeting (Reconverted Case), Click[Next]

Step 5      Select the appropriate event to which your event relates displays
                  This event will relate back to the Notice to Trustee that this case has been reconverted, Click [Next]

Step 6      The Modify As Appropriate screen displays, Click [Next]

Step 7      The Final Docket Text screen displays, Click [Next]

Step 8      The Notice of Electronic Filing screen displays