Trustee - 341 Meeting Results (Ch. 7 Cases)

Rev. 09/30/14


Trustees will need to use the Trustee’s 341 Filing Menu under Bankruptcy to report on their 341 meetings. There are four (4) options: No Action; Report of No Distribution (which has 4 sub-options); Initial Report and Continue To. 

Trustees can also continue 341 meetings simultaneously by checking the box Continue Multiple 341 meetings.  If this box is checked a screen is displayed to allow the trustee to continue 341 meetings for some or all of the cases with meetings on the selected/same day.


STEP 1       Click on Bankruptcy on the CM/ECF Menu Bar

STEP 2       The Bankruptcy Events Screen displays select Trustee's 341 Filings

STEP 3       The 341 Meeting Date screen displays enter the date of the 341 meeting to be processed, Click [Next]    

                    There is the option of selecting Continue multiple 341 meetings. Sort cases by time or case number, Click [Next].  (If this option is not selected proceed to STEP 4)     

STEP 4       The 341 Meeting Processing screen displays a list of debtors whose appearances had been scheduled for that day for that trustee.

                    There are radio buttons choices for each case. Depending On your selection, you may receive a screen requesting additional information for a particular case/s.

                   Events that take you to an additional screen are: 

No Funds - you may need to enter or change dollar amounts     

Dismiss/Convert Funds- prompts for Assets collected box         

Min. Funds- prompts for Assets Collected, Assets Abandoned, Claims Discharged, Claim Scheduled Amounts

Continue to - prompts for a continued date, time, location and has the option of adding additional text. 

             Click [Submit]                                                                              

STEP 5     Only one Notice of Electronic Filing will be produced including every case in this process.